Our Guest House / Camping Site is located in Biatorbágy,
on the edge of the Zsámbéker basin and provides excellent facilities for guests seeking relaxation.

Biatorbágy Viadukt

Biatorbágy is a peaceful town in Pest County, Budapest metropolitan area. It has a population of 13.500. It is a great place just to chill out!

It is located 15 km from the outskirts of the capital city and 20 km from the center of Budapest.

In the first years of the new millennium significant residential development also started along the motorway and railway line connecting Austria and Northern-Transdanubia with Budapest.

Both parent villages have street-type centres, only the oldest part of Bia shows the characteristics of clustering. The newly built parts show the characteristics of a garden suburb.

Biatorbágy city

There is a zone of small gardens on the vineyard hills surrounding the town, which according to the intentions of the owners has a holiday area character. There is a considerable forest on the area of the town extending to Tétény-Sóskút Plateau, on the rest of the areas there is large-scale farming, although on some hundreds of hectares there are smaller farms as well, as a result of the „compensation” procedure.

Biatorbágy was granted town status as of 1st July 2007. According to the act on municipalities, a village may apply for town status, if „town status is justified by its level of development, its role in the region”. From the criteria the balanced economy, the network of public utilities, the low rate of unemployment, the system of institutions providing basic care, the active cultural and sports life, the developed civil society and town planning, or last but not least the town-like appearance counted for much.

Biatorbágy view

Biatorbágy is conveniently located for shopping, sporting activities, walking and wine tasting. The largest shopping malls of Hungary in Budaörs and Törökbálint are a 5-minute drive away from the hotel.

So there are plenty of things to do in this area and after a day full of new impressions you can return to us for a peaceful night's rest.

The most renowned building of the town of Biatorbágy is the double-rail viaduct consisting of two separate single-rail bridge structures, though meanwhile out of use. It is an interesting fact that at present, there is no other double-rail viaduct in Hungary.

For more information on the sights and programs of the town of Biatorbágy and its surroundings, please click here.